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Removing the spin for accurate historical records of America's Holocaust


Oct.2, 2017

Congress and U.S. leaders seem to think their stranglehold on The American People is okay.  They nonchalantly continue operating a fraudulent money carousel and force The American People onto a STATUS OF CREDIT and they think people will buy it.  Did the sniper gunman in Las Vegas buy it???!!!  NO!!!!

They force you to put a Social Security number on your driver's license form, indicating a STATUS OF CREDIT, but they allow an unlawful impostor to have occupied the highest office in the land!  Do The American People buy it?  NO!!!!!

Failure after failure, these failures like the Las Vegas sniper attack will come as a shock to people who are not awake.  There are many knowledgeable people who don't buy this crap and sincerely reject the skullduggery and unlawful antics of THE POWERS THAT WERE.

The weakest leadership requires a declared emergency like the one declared at the end of the year, usually by the POTUS.  It means super police power exerted over the populace, yet those same police authorities are powerless to stop future killings like the Las Vegas sniper attack.  Weak, weak, weak leadership.  No leadership.

On and on it goes and you'd think they would do the right thing and refund the dollar and stop declaring that emergency every fall of the year, but what do you see?  More idiocy!  Is it any wonder that ball players and others object by 'taking the knee'?  Congress and our U.S. leaders are the dumbest, meanest, most stubborn, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks idiots I have ever seen.

Chemtrailing goes on and on like it's a regular thing, just as unlawful as hell!

They prosecute people and cast them into prisons for owing money, for possessing some marijuana, and so on, but they installed a completely fraudulent POTUS when they put Obama in.  What the hell kind of justice is that??!!!  They have no vision of proportions of justice, just expect us to take it, year after damn year after year.  On with the mental health lessons you must learn, but put a completely unlawful POTUS in office.  It reeks and stinks of idiocy and complete insanity, yet they continue on.....like a bunch of dumb-asses!

What a bunch of dumb-asses you leaders are!!!!!  Just plain out and out assholes!