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    2018     'Death Wish', Bruce Willis Is Back!     Rita Hayworth, Superstar With An Early Memory Problem    
                'Charley Varrick', A Color Movie Loaded With Action - Joe Don Baker Steals The Show


'Death Wish' 2018, Bruce Willis IS BOUND TO BE A WINNER

December 31, 2017

How excrutiatingly exciting, Bruce Willis will be in
a new Death Wish coming out in March of 2018, and, it promises to be a genuine, rollicking shoot em up!  I think that's what many Americans want - a shoot em up with plenty of violence where the good guy lasts at least long enough to thump on plenty of bad guys!

Whereas the principal character Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson, in the original film was an architect, Bruce portrays a Dr. in this film who gets a first hand eyewitness to the results of shootings in his E.R..  When his wife and daughter are attacked he sees that no one is immune from crime and anyone can become a victim and he sets out to avenge the attack on his family by hunting down the creeps who are responsible for it.

Everybody is talking about this new 'Death Wish' and already the trailers are generating nearly a million hits as of this date!  Critics have already called this film racist, but if any of the criminals in the picture are white it could hardly be racist.  Almost everything these days is called racist.  A grove of trees was recently termed racist and they are scheduled to be removed.  In these days of racist hysteria such labels will definitely not stop me from seeing Bruce Willis in this new thriller.  In fact, I predict this film to be a big box office hit because it has what Americans enjoy, plenty of good fights and struggles!  Who could better deliver that than the great Bruce Willis?!  The people need their hero and somebody needs to be out there to level the playing field a bit, so BRUCE IS BACK!  GO BRUCE!

Death Wish Trailer

Death Wish Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers




Rita Hayworth,Alzheimer's,Alzheimer's Disease,memory trouble

Rita Hayworth, Superstar With An Early Memory Problem

June 27, 2018

If ever there was a beautiful woman, superstar actress Rita Hayworth was it.  With her long red mane of hair, that big beautiful smile and seductive air she didn't have to do much of anything except 
be there and say her lines.  But, she was having trouble remembering her lines as early as the film, 'Pal Joey', 1957, which also starred Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak.

Alzheimer's is a most common form of dementia.

Rita Hayworth, from Gilda
This picture is in the public domain.

More on this later.


Charley Varrick, Walter Matthau, Joe Don Baker, Andy Robinson, Jacqueline Scott, Sheree North, John Vernon, Significant Films

'Charley Varrick', A Color Movie Loaded With Action - Joe Don Baker Steals The Show

Charley Varrick

'Charley Varrick' is a significant film,  an excellent director Don Siegel film you don't want to miss!  It is set in New Mexico in the script, but was filmed primarily in two small Nevada towns, Dayton and Genoa.  The story of bank robbing gone sour turns into a stalking by mob and rocks from angle to angle, a bit of fake I.D., using a crop dusting plane to pull stuff off, and ducking the law and the mob all at one time.  If you're looking for action Don Siegel doesn't disappoint as the film is loaded with action.  How would you like to be running from the law and ducking a mob hitman at the same time?!

'Charley Varrick' starts out with an action scene that sets the pace for the whole show, and, everything unravels according to what the opening scene causes.

Super bad-guy, Joe Don Baker as Molly really steals the show!  The confrontation inside the trailer with Andy Robinson as Harman Sullivan is stunning, shocking, though not unsurprising.  Any racist comments in this picture only enhance the show, making the bad guy look even badder.

Sheree North, a dynamic actress who has portrayed ill-fated roles has the distinction of playing Jewell Everett, a photographer who moonlights as a counterfeiting expert.

Walter Matthau allegedly took this role when Clint Eastwood turned it down, but reportedly did not like it.  However he was great in this part.

Andy Robinson as Harman Sullivan, the impulsive co-heart of Charley Varrick may have been wiser about throwing the guns away than Charley was, as it turns out. Robinson really outdid himself, getting drunk while waiting on Charley wasn't a good idea, after all.  Probably Andy Robinson should receive an award for his brilliant portrayal of suffering in the beating scene.  He really exhibited some acting skill here which is all too real.

Jacqueline Scott has played other tough gal roles and is superb and very realistic as the ill-fated wheelman, Nadine.  When you're the wheelman you can't wimp out if trouble or cops show up or you're co-harts inside robbing the bank are liable to get killed, wounded or arrested.  Well, Nadine doesn't wimp out! 

Jacqueline Scott was in 'Firecreek' as Henrietta Cobb with Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda, played on three episodes of 'Perry  Mason' and is a very effective actress with more acting credits.  She is apparently still living today.

Banker John Vernon as Maynard Boyle doesn't know that the meeting is a set up and he is good throughout the movie.

Oh yeah, one more thing - don't let that big guy into the trailer with ya!
Charley Varrick Trailer


CHARLEY VARRICK - Trailer ( 1973 )


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